Aspect 3 Thredbo Reviews

Accommodation at Aspect 3 Chalet Thredbo

Aspect 3 Thredbo

Aspect 3
Reviewed by Rosemary Flanagan on January 7 2013
We had a lovely family holiday
“We had a lovely family holiday and were very pleased with the service throughout, We were not disappointed “Average Rating: 4.6

Aspect 3
Reviewed by Karen Lee on May 10Aspect 3 was great !
“As three couples looking for a property that provided a bed/bath configuration each and a lounge / dining room we could all socialise in Aspect 3 was great. Its location was also perfect for view and convenience. Would definitely stay again.

Stayed 03-05-2013 to 06-05-2013 “Average Rating: 4.95

Aspect 3
Reviewed by Martin Vesperman on  August 31
very relaxing, well presented !
“Just like to say a quick thank you regarding our stay at Thredbo. Aspect 3 is a very relaxing, well presented property. “Average Rating: 4.6

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